About Tribeca

A team of professionals with multiple roles

We are developers, promoters and entrepreneurs specialized in residential and commercial real estate. We are involved in major construction and renovation projects, for the most part in the Greater Montréal area.

The city is our niche market. Our mission is to create beautiful, sophisticated dwelling spaces. In the four years that we have been in business, Tribeca has established a solid reputation in housing construction.



Anthony CrisafulliAnthony Crisafulli | President

Anthony has several years of experience as a promoter, entrepreneur and real estate agent. He was mentored by one of the most important real estate developers in Montréal.  He scrupulously supervises every stage of construction.

His ideas on brand development and his teambuilding attitude make him the ideal leader to develop our real estate projects and manage our internal and external relationships.


Geris Najm CPA CGA | VP and Chief Financial Officer

Geris is a born entrepreneur. Since his graduation from university, he has made his own way as an accountant and business manager, focusing primarily on accounting and obtaining his CPA CGA credentials.

His accounting expertise and view of transparent management are crucial to the sound management of our finances. By keeping a close eye on our budget, cash flow requirements and tax obligations, Geris makes sure that the resources needed to complete our projects are always available.



Caroline LegaultCaroline Legault | Chief Designer

Caroline is the creative underpinning behind Tribeca. Her passion for the arts and communication led her to study interior design and her enterprising attitude to create her own company that she has headed from more than 20 years (Création Legau Design).

Our chief designer is accompanied by her team of professionals and a personal approach to design that embodies refinement, good taste and ergonomic principles. Ultimately, the client’s needs are showcased in a highly personalized decorative experience.


Dominic Massaro | Dominic MassaroConstruction Manager, Woodworker and Chief Carpenter

Dominic oversees the smooth operations at our construction sites. Like all the other members of our team, he too is an accomplished entrepreneur. His expertise in framing was handed down to him by one of the great entrepreneurs in the field.  

At our construction sites, Dominic’s strong leadership skills serve to properly coordinate the different tradesmen and ensure the rigorous exercise of best practices related to health and occupational safety, and the building code.